UnknownPink Matter (feat. Andre 3000)

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excubesme ive been on hold for 20 minutes!! this is no time 4 sick burns


Listen/purchase: Lullaby Land by Nice Legs

South Korean band Nice Legs is a breath of fresh eccentric dream pop. Their song “End” is the antithesis to Kanye West’s “I am a God”. Their eccentric lyrics “I’ll be your God if you come to my Church.” and “I’ll be your God and cure your disease” make for one of the most compelling listens this year.

You can follow us on bandcamp to view our entire collection of hidden gems: http://bandcamp.com/theonlymagicleftisart

hey berklee admissions. i get this is a music school… but i’ve been listening to really crappy fuzzy versions of the music you play for people while they are put on hold and i’ve got to say it’s much more annoying than just a simple ring. plz just pick up the phone. 

Ask me how deep the ocean is.

Shut up.

A poetic and artful umbrella, Komorebi is based on a Japanese expression that approximately translates to “sunshine filtering through foliage.”

correct u are!


Jean-Baptise Sinniger




Hey everyone, it’s been too long since you’ve watched this. I don’t care when you last watched it. Unless you’re literally watching it while you read this, it has been too long since you’ve watched it.


send this to your crush. Just.. just do it


"I know you were hoping for a senile man playing with his toys, but I’m putting together a donation for Housing Works."

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